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Boys & Girls Club

Annual fundraising Banquet & iftar

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm $30BOOKING PRICE


  • By: Al-Huda Society
  • keynote speaker: Dr. Abderrahmane Boukili
  • PHONE: (617) 409-9328
  • EMAIL: info@alhudasociety.org
  • DATE: April 2nd 2023
  • Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Iftar Dinner: $25 Online , $30 At the Door
  • Kids Program: $10 Online , $15 At the Door

Assalamou Alaykoum,

Al-Huda Annual Ramadan Fundraising Iftar Dinner is on Sunday April 2nd. Your attendance and support are important to continue our mission.
The Iftar-Dinner fundraiser is an annual opportunity to share a meal with our supporters and communicate with them about Al-Huda past achievements, challenges , aspirations and future plans in serving families, community & society.

The program consists of breaking the fast, Maghrib prayer, Iftar/dinner, then the fundraising presentations. A separate program is available for children & babysitting.

A special program is set for children. Tickets for this fundraising are available here:  https://rb.gy/7zm4 and we encourage you to purchase them in advance to secure your spot.
Thank you for considering our invitation, and we look forward to seeing you at this FUNDRAISING IFTAR Insha'Allah

Your attendance and financial support would be greatly appreciated. 


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